ajdurant - Andy Durant

Random notes and things

It's Summer! (though it may not feel like it)

So it’s now the summer holidays for me (3 months from The University of York, thanks =P), well it has been for a couple of weeks. A lot has happened this term, exams, finishing project work, finishing the year, exploring the campus, discovering URY history, hanging out with friends, going to Whitby, and all sorts of things that I can’t remember due to the busyness. It has been busy, but it’s been great fun. Even with the pressure of exams, which never bother me too much however I’m glad to say I passed the year fairly well and shall be continuing onwards on my journey of becoming an Engineer in Computing.

With a rapidly diminishing 3 months ahead of me (it always goes quicker than you think, particularly the longer you have, I find…) I have a fair amount planned, and a fair amount ready to be filled with all kinds of randomness my friends might come up with to do.

The majority of my time is going to be taken up with the Olympic Games in london this year (only 11 days now!) as I am a Volunteer, or a GamesMaker as we’re called. I’m working in the victory ceremonies team throughout the summer, and am greatly looking forward to it =D

My other plans involve finally finishing my website, doing some webdev and server maintenance for URY, relaxing, hanging out with friends, going to the pub, some LAN gaming, film watching & generally having fun =)

Oh and writing some more blogs, starting now!